Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation podcast features PNA Innovations founders Bruce A. Armitage and Danith H. Ly

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PNA Innovations co-founders Bruce A. Armitage, Ph.D., and Danith H. Ly, Ph.D., are featured on the InnovationCast (I-Cast) produced by Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC).

Armitage and Ly describe PNA Innovations’ gamma peptide nucleic acid (gPNA) technology, a molecular hybrid of peptides and nucleic acids with that binds with exceptionally high affinity to complementary DNA and RNA targets.

“What is unique about gPNA, the platform this company is built on, is that as opposed to regular PNA that is commercially available and has been around for the last 20 years, it’s already pre-organized into a right-hand helix to mimic that of the bound DNA and RNA target,” Ly said. “So in addition to binding single-stranded DNA and RNA, it can also invade double- stranded DNA, and I think that is the unique feature of this particular platform.”
The technology can be used for a number of applications, including fluorescence in situ hybridization and affinity purification.

“The applications range from standard biotechnology products that are used in thousands of research and clinical labs every day around the world but also as potential next generation therapeutics for treating genetic and infectious diseases,” Armitage said. “Our company is well placed to enter this competitive market because gPNA performs well in many existing applications and its unique properties are enabling entirely new applications. Finally our price is going to be significantly lower than our competitors’. “

PNA Innovations has begun working with four partner companies, Armitage said, and has also received support from Carnegie Mellon University, Innovation Works and private investors.
Listen to CTTEC’s I-Cast featuring PNA Innovations here.