PNA Innovations participates in Innovations Works Investor Day

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PNA Innovations participated in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Innovation Works Investor Day. PNA Innovations Co-Founder Danith H. Ly, as well as representatives from five other regional technology and life sciences start-up companies, pitched ideas to compete for funding.

“The company was developed late last year in response to a large demand from academic labs as well as from pharmaceutical companies,” Ly said in his pitch.

PNA Innovations is a life sciences technology company pioneering the development of a proprietary nucleic acid platform, called gamma peptide nucleic acid (gPNA), for regulation of gene expression and manipulation of nucleic acid structures and functions. The company is currently incubating in Carnegie Mellon University’s Mellon Institute.

“We would like to establish collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to develop diagnostic tools and treatments for genetic and infectious diseases,” Ly said.

Innovation Works invests in regional seed-stage technology companies. According to IW’s website, the organization has invested more than 60 million dollars in nearly 170 start-ups.