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PNA Innovations Relocates to Boston’s Biotechnology Hub

June 22, 2015 – PNA Innovations is pleased to announce that we have moved from our original, incubator labs at CMU in Pittsburgh, PA to a larger facility situated in Woburn, MA, along Boston’s high tech corridor.

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Pioneering Nucleic Acid Platforms at PNA Innovations

PNA Innovations is the leading biotechnology company with an expertise in peptide nucleic acid chemistry. We’re designing and producing proprietary, best-in-class gamma peptide nucleic acids (γPNA), with enhanced specificity and selectivity for use as molecular therapeutics and liquid biopsy diagnostics.

PNAi is combining our chemistry expertise with knowledge of the human genome sequence to synthesize designer peptide nucleic acid oligomers to detect rare mutations to diagnose disease in its earliest form and to develop nucleic acid drugs to modulate gene expression for therapeutic outcomes. We are the chemistry biotechnology company translating the genomics revolution into therapies and diagnostics to improve the lives of patients.

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